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E-Lunet Optic, the widest online opticians to deliver in Africa
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 The online opticians for Africa

We make it easy, to buy prescription eyeglasses and sunglasses at

affordable prices and we deliver in Africa

Help the e-Lunet Optic team improving their service

Our mission

Access to prescription eyeglasses remains a challenge across Africa. Eye tests are available to only 5% of people who need medical glasses. The number of opticians remains insufficient with high concentration of opticians only in 2/3 main cities. On the top of this, eyeglasses are expensive compared to the average salaries.


  •  E-Lunet Optic was started to solve this issues, by providing affordable eyeglasses available through an online store and physical showrooms, and remote eyetests using telemedecine. 


Our customers are people living in Africa with detected and undetected vision impairments.


E-Lunet Optic relies on the expertise and professionalism of its optician chain to provide the overall best online service for vision needs. It offers a vast selection of the highest quality eye care products at great prices, hassle-free, and everywhere.

Delivery to the exact person in Africa

e-Lunet Optic empowers end-customers to determine their daily beauty

while seeing clearly better!

Customer satisfaction is what guides our day to day actions


Peace of mind

You know that our opticians are going to take care of your beloved ones. We provide high quality eyewear products, service and we deliver to the exact person in Africa.

Ease of payment

With e-Lunet Optic, you can pay 4 times with your credit card

High quality

Eyeglasses mounted and adjusted by professionals. e-Lunet Optic works only with certified opticians operating in France. Our opticians have over 20 years of experience.

Hundreds of products, options, services

e-Lunet Optic provides a flexible and wide range of eyewear products suitable for all budgets

Save time, and save money

With e-Lunet Optic, you avoid being taken advantage of. No need to rely on third party people, not beeing sure that your beloved one will receive high quality of product and service

Wellbeing and happiness of your beloved ones

e-Lunet helps you ensure that your family and friends fiel compfortable and beautiful with their eye equipment. You can afford to buy replacement glasses and sunglasses looking at the price attractiveness

Growing network of opticians




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