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E-Lunet Optic, the first online opticians to deliver in Africa
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Blog e-Lunet Optic

e-Lunet Optic, the online opticians for Africa

Unfortunately access to prescription eyeglasses remains a challenge across Africa. We know that the african diaspora is committed to to providing financial support to the family at home to solve visual issues.  Therefore, we created e-Lunet Optic to help the african diaspora to provide for vision needs of their beloved at home while leaving abroad.

What is e-Lunet Optic ?

e-lunet optice-Lunet Optic is a business with an impact on at least four of the SDG pillars: “No poverty”, “reduced inequalities”, “good health and wellbeing”, and “quality education”.

In some regions of the world seeing is still a factor of inequality. Not all the people can afford eyeglasses. Either there are no (or only a few) opticians, or eyeglasses are too expensive. A lot of people don’t dare to make eye control because they cannot afford eyeglasses. Seeing has an impact on the quality of life, on the health and wellbeing as well. Seeing belongs to the basic needs of the human being.

Meet the team of e-Lunet Optic (article to create)


What is our mission ?

The e-Lunet Optic team believes that seeing should no longer be a luxury. Our vision is to make prescription eyeglasses affordable for everyone in Africa, wherever he/she lives, whatever his/her purchasing power.

That is how e-Lunet Optic pledges to poverty, equality, health, and education. And that’s what drives us!

We also have do CSR actions. (article to create)

What do we offer ?

glasses blackHigh quality eyeglasses !  The widest offering of prescription glasses and sunglasses for Africa.

We want our customers to adapt eyeglasses to  outfits, desires, moods.  We rely on the expertise and professionalism of our optician chain in France to provide the African diversity with the overall best online service for vision needs.

And all of that at attractive prices !

High quality of sunglasses (article to edit)

How it works ?

Very simple !

1)Once you receive the prescription from your beloved ones

2) You visit the e-Lunet Optic shop online

3) You select the frame, or even better you can let yout beloved ones do the choosing

4) You buy online, it’s 100% secured !

5) You wait a few days

6) Your beloved receive the order, you a delivery receipt

7) Connect to e-Lunet Optic and give your feedback and join the community

Sending eyeglasses to Africa is now easy (article to edit)




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