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Learn more about e-Lunet Optic :his vision and his team
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What drives us

e-Lunet Optic is a business with an impact on at least four of the SDG pillars: “No poverty”, “reduced inequalities”, “good health and wellbeing”, and “quality education”.

In some regions of the world seeing is still a factor of inequality. Not all the people can afford eyeglasses. Either there are no (or only a few) opticians, or eyeglasses are too expensive. A lot of people don’t dare to make eye control because they cannot afford eyeglasses. Seeing has an impact on the quality of life, on the health and wellbeing as well. Seeing belongs to the basic needs of the human being.

The e-Lunet Optic team believes that seeing should no longer be a luxury. Our vision is to make prescription eyeglasses affordable for everyone in Africa, wherever he/she lives, whatever his/her purchasing power.

That is how e-Lunet Optic pledges to poverty, equality, health, and education. And that’s what drives us!

Our story

e-Lunet Optic is the result of a synergy of skills and knowledge. This company was created by a group of people who complement each other thanks to the diversity of their backgrounds, their origins, their professions. The only common point being the passion to serve people.

2015, a group of four friends (opticians, computer scientists, businessmen) realized during a journey in Africa, the difficulty to acquire or replace eyeglasses in certain areas of the world. A research revealed the harm caused by this situation.

e-Lunet Optic was born as a business idea tailored to people with low income, living in an area of the world where eyeglasses are still a luxury.

e-Lunet Optic values

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e-Lunet Optic team

Mélanie, Computer Science engineer, MBA
Chief Executive Officer
Gérard, Computer Science engineer, Global Executive MBA, MBA
Vice President, Managing Director
Sandra, Digital marketing specialist
Chief Marketing Officer

The way we think

Access to Visual Health and Eyewear is really problematic for the precarious and represents a real challenge of social integration. This challenge is ours.
“Honesty, sincerity, simplicity, humility, pure generosity, absence of vanity, readiness to serve others – qualities which are within easy reach of every soul – are the foundation of one’s spiritual life.”

~Nelson Mandela

Opticien e-Lunet Optic
« Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world. »
~Desmond Mpilo Tutu

As an optician, facilitating access to prescription glasses is for me a priority. Indeed, they help us in our daily lives, to see those we love, to read our lessons, bus schedules, our favorite books, to see and enjoy even more what is around us.

“It is time for parents to teach young people early on, that in diversity there is beauty and there is strength”

~Maya Angelou

Marthe Sandra
Like many from my generation, I truly believe that the digital world contributes to the building up of a better world for tomorrow. In this dream world, the African economy will be sufficiently developed to be a reference